Hello friends…I am writing this blog to share and gain knowledge & experience. To introduce myself, my name is Gaurav Patel (My friends call me Gomzy). I m 22 years old guy from an Indian city called Ahmedabad. I am a graduate in Geology. I have some big ambitions to achieve, some challenging situations to cope with, but I know I’m going to

Gaurav Patel

accomplish what I have been dreaming of. I have always been dreaming big. But very recently I have figured something out. While I was running after success and dreams, I was actually leaving behind my life.

On the other hand, my life is full of fun. I love mountain adventures.

I’m Agnostic by religion. I don’t believe in differentiating people based on religion, caste, race or language. I hope you all will be enjoying blogging with me.

You can send your invaluable comments and suggestions to write2coolgomzy@yahoo.com !