AMC Theatres Announces New Promotion

Financial burdens have encompassed cinemas throughout 2020, with largescale chains losing substantial funds after several months of closures. When selected theatres were permitted to reopen, the number of consumers watching films like Tenet, was minimal. It cost cinemas more to operate their theatres by showcasing Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi epic. Multiple theatres have begun releasing marketing strategies to regain the consumer’s attention, with the lasted being AMC. The Stubs A-List Program has been confirmed by AMC Theatres & will assist with the spiralling corporation with gaining minor profits in the 4th quarter.

The AMC Stubs A-List Program will enable moviegoers to witness three films per week for $5.00 in the first month. Afterwards, memberships to this program will cost $20.00 per month in America. Purchasing the Stubs, A-List allows consumers to receive discounts on movie tickets, treats, food, and drinks. That’s right; moviegoers can pay $20.00 per month to receive AMC coupons from now on.

Financial Burdens

AMC Theatres was struggling throughout 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic became an international problem. Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu+, Amazon Prime Video, Crave, and numerous others have increased their customer base during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that when cinemas have sustained normalcy in their operations again, streaming services will likely outweigh their popularity. Consumers could surprise analysts making this prediction, with Disney+ failing to garner profits with Mulan & Hamilton. Both were financial failures in-comparison to cinema projections.

Failed Promises

The exclusive film that’s been released to cinemas since the COVID-19 pandemic is Tenet by Christopher Nolan. Multiple other films are expected to release throughout 2021, permitting that international cases of COVID-19 are lowered. Though these films aren’t releasing to consumers, multiple are continuing their production. It’s known that Tom Cruise is filming Mission Impossible Seven now.

Failures associated with Mulan & Hamilton prompted Disney+ to announce that Black Widow wouldn’t release on their streaming service. This came after Marvel confirmed that the Scarlett Johanson standalone film would release for Disney++, a specialized premium package that’s been offered by Disney recently. That promised was quickly avoided & ignored after profits for Mulan were drastically lower than anticipated.