Bad Boys for Life Releasing Early on Streaming Platforms

Throughout the last hundred years, we’ve all relatively engaged in healthy lifestyles without any substantial concerns. That was until the coronavirus global pandemic, which has prompted multiple alterations in how we engage with the public and leave our homes. It’s altered our perceptions of the world and forced numerous industries to alternate their business strategies. This extends to the Film Industry, who have begun providing home releases for new films that were slated for the next few months. This includes films that were still in theatres before the pandemic, such as Bad Boys for Life.

The Sony Pictures Company provided a public announcement through Twitter, confirming that their blockbuster action film will be provided to digital platforms by March 31st. This film initially launched on January 17th and barely ran in cinemas for a month before the pandemic broke out. It’s one of the fastest home releases for an international blockbuster in history.

However, multiple other films have already been provided to digital platforms, and others are expected to come shortly. This included Birds of Prey, Emma, The Invisible Man and Onward. What these early releases indicate is a specialized strategy from Hollywood to ensure profits remain at expected valuations. Film analysts expect that aggressive promotions will be made during the pandemic to have moviegoers purchase these films.

Bad Boys for Life Details

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic broke out internationally, Bad Boys for Life had become one of the biggest financial successes for films during 2020. It broke past the critical box office valuation of $200 million, being the first film to accomplish this task in 2020. Bad Boys for Life continued to earn substantial funds during the initial outbreak. However, profits have dwindled in the last five weeks.

Most film analysts believe that this movie will crossover to the home viewing space without any struggles. It features notable comedic actors like Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. Endless actions and comedic tones make this one of the most enjoyable films of 2020. It should be noted that this film won’t release on conventional streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or Disney+. Those wanting to purchase Bad Boys for Life will have to access Google Play Movies, Apple Movies, Microsoft Movies, the Xbox Store or the PSN Store. Regardless of the option chosen, this film will be available for $20.00 and provided to buyers for forty-eight-hours.