Bambi Receiving Live-Action Remake

The Disney Corporation confirmed that another classic film from their library is being remade for the 2022 Summer Season. Bambi will receive a photorealistic, modernized remake that focuses on the original storyline. This information was released by the Hollywood Reporter, who noted that this animated film from 1942 would be recreated in the same manner to Lion King. This means that photorealistic animation will be implemented to create virtual live-action environments. Two individuals and one corporation have already been hired to start pre-production on Bambi 2022. This includes Geneva Robertson and Lindsey Beer, with both creating the updated screenplay. Production will be headed by Depth of Field, who previously worked with Disney on “The Farewell”. There hasn’t been any confirmation on the cast or director for Bambi.

The Death Scene

One of the most notable elements of Bambi begins at the beginning of the film. This little deer’s mother is murdered by a hunter, prompting one of the saddest animated scenes in existence. Film analysts are already wondering how this will be handled with the upcoming remake. Some believe that the Disney Corporation will make this scene less graphic or remove it entirely. This follows after Walt Disney Studios hasn’t shown any negative animal footage throughout their realistic animated films. Mufasa from the Loin King wasn’t shown falling to death like previously demonstrated in the 1990s animated film. It’d be shocking to see Disney create a photorealistic scene where a deer is shot to death.

The popularity of Disney’s re-created classic films has before one of their highest-selling points. The Lion King earned $1.65 Billion, with Aladdin falling shortly behind at $1.51 billion. Profits for their classic remade films are more significant than Marvel of Star Wars. That’s why it makes financial success to bring this film back to audiences. It should be noted that with their collection of properties, the Disney Corporation earned more than $10 billion throughout 2019. This is the highest record of profit for any studio to date.

Those wondering which Live-Action remakes are coming shortly, won’t have to wait long. The live-action remake for Mulan premiers on March 27th, 2020. It’ll be followed by the upcoming Bambi remake for 2022, with the Little Mermaid slated to release in summer 2023. It’ll star Hallie Berry, Melissa McCarthy and Javier Bardem.