Barack Obama: Talks to college students at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai

The United States President, Barack Obama, gave a motivating speech at St. Xavier’s College campus in Mumbai. Students present at the campus got an unusual opportunity not only to see and hear Obama, but they also got a golden opportunity to interact with the President. This doesn’t happen generally that the president comes to India and encourages students to ask questions.

India-America, Symbol of Unity

The president, Mr. Obama, seemed very friendly and pleased while talking to college students. Obama’s best feature is his hidden simplicity in his unique style. He is very good at putting the most complex and difficult concept in a simple and straight forward manner that a common man (non-politician & non-economist) can easily understand. His speech is very effective. He chooses certain specific words in his speech that have weight and value that could turn minds and opinions of the listeners. His personality and body language speak much more than he does.

St-Xavier’s college, Mumbai

Barack Obama is a role model of millions of people around the world, and his visit to India is definitely going to add few more millions in that list. Student at the college campus asked him about politics, terrorism, economy, Gandhi, Pakistan, etc. When Obama was asked about “Terrorism & Pakistan”, he clearly said, “Pakistan is a country with a great potential. Pakistan itself is suffering from the terrorists bombings and attacks within their country. Pakistan is an unstable nation. Whenever Pakistan needs help from the US fighting against terrorism, The States is always ready to help.”

On being asked about the relation between India and Pakistan, he said, “India and Pakistan should opt for a peace talk. One more war between India and Pakistan will result into the worst nightmare for both nations.” He, interestingly, added, “India is truly and completely responsible for Pakistan’s growth and development.”

Obama has always mentioned Gandhi in his talk. One student asked him about his implementation on Gandhi’s principles and he replied, “Gandhi’s principles are as authentic and practical as the law of gravitation. You can’t act against the law of gravitation and you should respect and follow his principles which have changed the history of India and the whole world. Gandhi’s principles are all about seeing yourself in others. Gandhi taught about mutual love & respect, truth, non-violence and justice.”

In a reply to one question, The President said, “The US has faced very critical economical situations in last two years. Now, the recession has completely gone and it’s a time for opening up new directions and opportunities for the people of the US and India. This US-India Business summit is definitely going to result into a great product of the twenty-first century. This is a win-win deal for India and the States.”

With all such interesting interaction, Obama finished his talk at St. Xavier’s college campus in Mumbai and the President really appreciated the respect and love given by the students and everyone else who were present at the occasion. We hope that Mr. Obama will come back soon and will deliver his speech at few more places in India.

God Bless America&India!