Batman Filming Halted by Two Weeks

Robert Pattison has contracted COVID-19, which has prompted another notable setback for the Batman. All cast & crew that have had contact with Robert Pattison were informed to enter self-isolation for fourteen days. It’s another setback for this film, which had to terminate production in March 2020. Batman has faced similar struggles too numerous other projects, and days after resuming production, there’s an outbreak.

This didn’t stop Director Matt Reeves from releasing the first teaser trailer, with his employers of Warner Brothers wanting to garner excitement for this film. Its teaser trailer has been praised by Batman fans & movie critics, with their online statements evoking the similarities between Matt Reeves film and Christopher Nolan. It prompted Reeves to announce that “The Batman” is a spiritual successor to Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Franchise”.

COVID-19 Guidelines issued by Health Experts in the United Kingdom were followed by cast & crew of The Batman. However, the coronavirus outbreak seen throughout the UK has been prominent since March 2020. Most civilians contracting the virus have avoided Health Guidelines by sustaining their daily activities. It’s suspected that Robert Pattison was in-contact with a crewmember that refused to acknowledge their coronavirus symptoms. It’s unknown if Warner Brothers will require crew & staff to receive daily COVID-19 tests as they advance onwards.

Crewmember Fired

It’d take three days after filming of The Batman resumed before Robert Pattison’s contraction of COVID-19 was announced. It shows that the limited staff seen on their first day of filming had infected personnel. Those cast & crew were tested after Pattison was revealed to have the virus, which noted a single member had purposely lied about their health for work. Details on what’ll happen to this individual aren’t known. It’s suspected that there’ll be an imposed fine & possibly prison time following this crewmembers’ crimes.

It should be mentioned that Warner Brothers has greenlit construction crews to continue their development of sets, and stockpile them into a designated warehouse. Warner Brother Executives anticipate that remaining sets & props needed for The Batman will be completed after the 14-Day quarantine period has concluded.