Best Erotic Scenes of French Movies

The French are a great believer in non-artificial sex when it comes to cinema or any other place. And when it comes to erotic film projects from a French studio, you can be rest assured about the most steamy scenes shot, edited and produced in the most educated connoisseurs. For the squeamish, I must declare that enjoying French eroticism on film could take time.

French Movie Masculin Féminin

Here are the top scenes I would always love watching –

Masculin Féminin (1966) – The scene where the protagonist’s (Paul, played by Jean-Pierre Leaud) secretary describes her encounter with another man – and she has to go back another day, compelled, devoted and loving that she is. Paul has almost got her innocence choking with mental turbulence – the faculties of a voyeur – what Godard calls ‘un juene home instable’!


French Movie “Dossier érotique d’un notaire” AKA “My Body Burns”

My Body Burns AKADossier érotique d’un notaire (1972)– Almost every scene in this lesbian feature is way out of ‘limits’. It has everything you would imagine about two women who wildly use each other, without inhibition, or shame or any idea about where they might be headed. The 1972 erotic film feature is a collage of sexual exchanges between two unusual partners, growing into one of the rarest and ‘extreme’ movies even by French standards.


French Classic “Ecstasy”

Ecstasy (1933)– Although just one scene, Hedy Lamarr had enough in her to take the world by storm in the first ever nude filming sequence in French cinema. Simply immaculate, and with the personality of a tantalizing woman, Lamarr showed off her supple curves without losing attention from her fashionable makeup – a style that has simply not shown any signs of getting out of trend 80 years later.

I could list French erotic scenes endlessly, but these are the ones that are the most erotic, and unmistakably the biggest adventures in film. Crafted with subtlety, in-depth understanding of human nature and superior implementation of the technical aspects, the steamiest scenes on my French cinema list is likely to stay unchanged.