Best Investment Opportunities in 2019

With 2019 finally upon us, you might be making some major changes in your life this year. Perhaps you want to start taking better care of yourself by exercising more regularly or maybe you want to spend more time with your family. Perhaps this is the year that you want to start investing in your future as well.

However, where exactly should you invest your money in 2019? This is one question that seems to plague both established pros and beginner investors. Although no investment is truly guaranteed, we decided to share our advice on the best investment opportunities for 2019.

Stock Market

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the stock market turns and twists of late, you probably aware of the rumours that a correction is coming. The S&P 500 will lose all gains from 2018 and most believe its just the start of the spiral. However, if you investing for the long-term you don’t have to be too concerned. Most don’t feel too comfortable when it comes to buying individual stocks and therefore we highly recommend that you invest in low-cost, globally diversified index funds. If you are looking for added assistance, you are more than welcome to utilize Betterment which will assist you in outlining your investing goals as well as help you figure out your long-term plan as oppose to focusing on returns only.

Real Estate

Similar to the stock market, most believe that real estate is another huge investment opportunity in 2019. Prices continue to increase and it doesn’t look like its going to stop. If you are interested in investing in physical real estate, we highly suggest buying Real Estate Investment Trusts which will allow you to take full advantage of the real estate market without having to do much on your end. Crowdfunding sites like Rich Uncles, RealtyMogul, and gives you the opportunity to invest in real estate shares or notes.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

This is another fantastic investment opportunity to consider in 2019, one that has been around for quite some time as well. Platforms like Prosper and Lending Club will allow members to loan money to others in the same manner a bank does and you simply collect the interest that is being paid. While it greatly depends on the loans you choose, you can look forward to 6% on interest or even more.

Start a Side Hustle

If you want this year to be a good one, you will need to figure out a way to earn additional funds. However, if you can’t get a raise at work, its time to take matters into your own hands. You can achieve this by doing freelance writing or you could even start your own blog and monetize it. Alternatively, you can be a driver for Lyft and Uber, or you can deliver groceries for Ship or Instacart. Regardless of your passions, there are hundreds of ways you can turn it into a moneymaking opportunity in 2019.