Best Male Lead Given to Adam Sandler

Most would be surprised that Adam Sandler won the Best Male Lead for his performance in Uncut Gems. This follows after the long-time actor attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Before acquiring this award, Sandler was snubbed by the Academy Awards because of his film history. It’s known that the academy tends to award those who’ve spent lengthy careers in dramatic acting, with comedians always falling short. When winning his award with the FISA, Adam Sandler made a hilarious acceptance speech that was unlike anything this award is shown had seen before. Since Uncut Gems was released to Netflix, Adam Sandler has acquired several awards.

Uncut Gems is written by Ronald Bronstein, which revolves around the storyline of Howard Ratner. This man lives in New York City as a gambling addict and owns a shop in the Diamond District. After twelve months of swindling with Ethiopian Miners, Howard acquires an opal gem worth $1 million. This is obtained to payoff his brother-in-law, who’s also a loan shark. It prompts a crime-thriller that never ends on the anxiety, and unexpected, which sees Howard Ratner have to escape with his words and charm.

The Unexpected Victory & Speech

Nobody hasn’t seen Adam Sandler acquire this level of acting, not since his dramatic performance in 2006 with Don Cheadle. Most believed that Sandler deserved multiple awards for his performance in Reign Over Me. It was one of the 1st films centring around 9/11 and saw an incredible display of acting from both Cheadle/Sandler.

The 35th Film Independent Spirit Awards knew that Adam Sandler deserved an award for his formidable performance in Uncut Gems. The Oscars and Academy Awards deem Adam Sandler unworthy, but considering that the involvement of these award shows doesn’t concern most people, nobody particularly cared about the snub.

Adam Sandler informed the FISA before receiving the award that he’d make a ridiculous speech if he’d won. After receiving clearance to make this speech. Sandler spoke for four-minutes with the voices of his dumbest characters and used considerable profanity. This was displayed to show both the Academy Awards and Oscars that their opinions are irrelevant in the modern film industry.