Bird Box Two in Development at Netflix

The 2nd entry in Netflix’s Bird Box franchise is reportedly in development. This sequel will maintain its horror-thriller genre & be led by Sandra Bullock again. Nobody is surprised that Bird Box Two is being created, with the first being a significant success for Netflix. It was their highest-viewed film of the year & surrounded the storyline created by Josh Alderman in 2014. His novel surrounded Malorie Hayes; a woman forced to navigate dark corners in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Her struggles are increased by having to defend for two children, with horrific creatures looming in the darkness. These creatures can take the lives of anyone that has eyesight.

Two timelines are showcased throughout the Netflix film, with those timeframes separated by five years. Both timelines connect & merge into the present life of Malorie Hayes. The film takes viewers on her journey to locate bordered walls that are rumoured safe from these creatures. When the separate limes converge together, the result is Malorie finding those bordered walls for her children.

Humanity in this post-apocalyptic universe believes these monsters can show people their worst fears, forcing them to kill themselves to stop the horrors. There is a single way to avoid being caught by these creatures, which is the usage of a blindfold. Humans remaining in their rational mindset are forced to use sound for traversing different landscapes, which prompts the film & book name of Bird Box.

Birds are the exclusive creator that can sense the prowess of these demonic creatures, chirping excessively whenever one is close-by. Malorie Hayes is continuously seen holding onto her Bird Box, which occasionally tweets throughout the film. For one moment Malorie’s blindfold is removed & she is forced to shut her eyes, while in the process having to locate her children near a river. This is all happening when demonic creatures are chasing after Malorie & her children.

Fans of the original film can anticipate that same level of tension, with its sequel slated to arrive by Summer 2021. That’s because the novel it’ll be based around won’t be released until July 21st, 2020. Synopsis for the 2nd book in the Bird Box franchise indicates that the newest storyline will take place twelve years after the original film. That means the children of Malorie Hayes are now teenagers & they’ll meet someone important that Malorie once thought dead. Fans theorize this will be her husband.