Blumhouse Production’s Freaky Earns $3.7 Million.

The international & domestic box office has struggled to ascertain profits since the Covid-19 pandemic inflicted nationwide closings of theatres. Cinemas have begun reopening their doors slowly, with low-budget films releasing to movie theatres in efforts to garner profits. The latest film to force profits is Blumhouse Productions, which launched “Freaky” with Vince Vaughn to cinemas on November 13th. Monetary compensation earned by the Blumhouse Productions film was $3.7 Million, which is the domestic box offices largest for November.

Margins would have been more significant permitting Covid-19 wasn’t factoring into cinema availability. Though monetary gain for Blumhouse Productions wasn’t incredible, critic praise was awarded to this film. Stephen King (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ET, The Shining) noted that “Freaky” is an incredible film that combines horror & comedy into a perfect setting. Receiving praise from Stephen King for a thriller-esc movie is a notable achievement.

The plotline for this film surrounds a woman named Millie, who is a young teenage woman that fears confrontation from women but adores the attention of men. Millie is placed into an unexpected situation when her body switches with a local serial killer (Vince Vaughn). The Blissfield Butcher’s animal instinct to murder others comes alive & Millie cannot control her impulses. What unfolds are hilarious situations that include an abundance of gore. For most, this film won’t hold merit & won’t be worth watching under any circumstances. Plenty of supporters of comedic horrors will find themselves encapsulated by “Freaky”.

Positive Reviews

Blumhouse Productions is an influential studio that’s developed multiple films in the horror genre. It’s their primary go-to when producing a new movie. Blumhouse Productions have released movies like Friday the 13th. However, it appears “Freaky” could be one of their best films to date. The movie is sitting at an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, with an audience score listed at 82%. Few films receive some positive feedback on Rotten Tomatoes.