Can Anyone Stop Manchester City From Winning a Quadruple?

Pep Guardiola has already managed to achieve a Treble in football, winning a Champions League, a Cup, and a Domestic League in the same season. However, so did Guus Hiddink, Jose Mourinho, Sir Alex Ferguson, and several other football managers. Historically, it an achievement that continues to separate the good from the great. However, the list of managers listed above is proof that it’s not an exclusive benchmark of excellence, either.

Pep Guardiola and Manchester City

There’s no denying that only an elite club can achieve a Treble in football. However, Pep Guardiola has the opportunity to unlock the door to an even more prestigious echelon in the next few weeks if he can successfully guide his squad to a Quadruple, ending in a Champions League win on 1 June 2019 in Madrid.

When Barcelona, under the guidance of Guardiola, completed their Treble by winning the Champions League, Cope del Rey, and La Liga in 2009, it provided a fantastic taste of what was still to come from a team that had Lionel Messi as the talisman. However, if Manchester City can contribute to the Carabao Cup that they already claimed this season and go on to win the Champions League, FA Cup, and Premier League, it will provide a brand-new achievement in the world of football and offer a new path for the team to dominate football for years to come. Over and above that, claiming a Quadruple win will take Guardiola and Manchester City beyond the confines of half of fame in football history.

Achieving a Quadruple in Football

To accomplish something that has never been made before will ensure a new level of admiration and respect, and creating their very own Grand Slam version will elevate Manchester City alongside the likes of the New Zealand Rugby team, Roger Federer, Carl Lewis, Tiger Woods, and other sporting giants. New Zealand, Federer, Lewis, Woods, not to mention Michael Jordan and the New England Patriots, all enjoyed moments of omnipotence when they were at their peak. Each of them was so far ahead in their sport that others could only settle for second place, and Manchester City is now approaching this supremacy level.

Over the weekend at Wembley, Manchester City managed to defeat Brighton to take them through to the semi-final of the FA Cup where they will face Watford. In the Premier League, they are currently locked in an epic battle with Liverpool to be crowned champions. However, the odds are in Manchester City’s favour to win the title. Finally, in the Champions League, Manchester City is scheduled to play against Tottenham Hotspur in the quarterfinals, knowing full well that they will either face Ajax or Juventus during the semi-final of the Champions League when they overcome Hotspur. Manchester City has managed to avoid a problematic draw, and they are taking full advantage of this in hopes that they will finally reach their Quadruple at the end.