Cats Expected to Lose $70 Million

Universal Studios has experienced a significant setback in its fourth quarter for 2019. Their latest film has bombed in the Box Office, losing more than $71 million. Cat’s came with $90 million in the budget, with an additional $115 being appropiated towards advertising costs making the total cost for this film $205 million. However, these losses are the best-slated projections, and they could be considerably worse than anticipated.

The $71 million in losses is based on Cat’s earning $100 million worldwide. This would require the film to make $40 million in the United States of America, with the additional $60 million brought in from international audiences. Currently, this film has earned $17 million domestically and $38 million internationally. Universal Studios has struggled to create excitement around the film, with it recently being pulled from the award season and removed from numerous theatres. Luckily, this movie earned two nominations at the Golden Globe Awards. This included the Best Original Song and Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing.

Tom Hooper directed Universal Studio’s Cats. It stars notable names like Taylor Swift, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Rebel Wilson, Ian McKellen, and Francesca Hayward. It’s now playing in limited theatres nationwide.

James Corden Leaves

Not everyone in the cast has taken the backlash lightly, with individuals like Taylor Switch taking to social media to express their disappointment and others completing rasher decisions. James Corden surprised those at the premier by leaving mid-way through the film. However, this decision wasn’t made in the act of injustice towards the director or fellow castmates. Corden was called by Ryan Murphy for a live audition for The Prom, prompting James to take the latest flight from JFK International Airport. When Tom Hooper introduced Corden at the end of the film, he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. The entire cast appeared awkward at that moment.

Rebel Wilson jokes that James Corden had enough of the bad news, stating that he wouldn’t come out. This prompted a shocking reaction from Tom Hooper. Most industry insiders believe that Corden created an excuse to avoid the backlash against the film, with the Late Night Show Host confirming that he hasn’t seen the movie to date. Corden has gone out on the limb by making continuous jokes against Cats, mentioning that he’s heard the film is terrible and wants to avoid it at all costs. How Tom Hooper reacts going forward is unknown.