Cineplex Theatres Fail Canadian Guests

Canadians are disgusted & disappointed in the Cineplex Movie Theatre Chain. Disgust follows after Cineplex announced attendees wouldn’t be forced into wearing masks, with this company being one of the few worldwide not requiring visitors to wear protective equipment. Guidelines with all Northern American Theatre Chains have been released over the last week, with AMC Theatres initially implementing similar requirements to Cineplex. Those requirements would be adverted after a significant backlash against the concept of civilians not having to wear face masks. It’s expected that similar criticism will ensure towards Cineplex Move Theatres.

Ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic became an international struggle, there’s been continuous debates regarding the protection associated with face masks. Large percentages of North Americans don’t believe that wearing protective equipment will ensure their safety, with those individuals more likely to contract COVID-19. This is a scientific fact that’s prompting medical experts in Canada to inform listening civilians that Cineplex Movie Theatres will harvest COVID-19 outbreaks. It’s inevitable with the lack of social distancing seen since the George Floyd Protests.

Films like Tenet & Mulan are releasing this July, with those being the two exclusive films slated for the 2020 Summer Season. All other films have been postponed & Hollywood Studios like Paramount Pictures aren’t releasing their confirmed projects under the Pandemic has concluded. It’s their way of avoiding additional deaths, which comes at the loss of their profits.

Lack of Care

Cineplex Representatives confirmed that Employed Personnel is required to wear Face Masks & carry Hand Sanitizer at all times. This suggests that Cineplex is more concerned about the safety of their workforce than attendees. When questioned on their lack of social distancing measures, Cineplex excused their actions by stating their following provincial guidelines. Representatives also suggested that Public Health Authorities had deemed their standards proficient. Those following recent updates in the COVID-19 Pandemic know that Cineplex is blatantly lying to save their public image.

Canadian Companies aren’t known for disputing the livelihood of their civilians, with those that’ve previously disregarded the people of Canada losing millions to billions in funds. An example would be the Tim Hortons Company, which has struggled to maintain a positive public image since being sold to Burger King.