Critics Hate the Rise of Skywalker

Those who often determine the course of a film’s success are the critics, and they’ve decided that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, is the worst in the franchise. This information comes after Rotten Tomatoes released the films critic score to the public, which ranked below Attack of the clones for worst Star Wars films ever. It should be noted that all films in the new saga haven’t been enjoyed by critics while having thoroughly been loved by fans of Star Wars. Even the poor box office success of Solo saw better reviews from critics than the Rise of Skywalker. Subsequently, fans are now concerned that the new film won’t provide the action-packed ending they’ve desired. If J.J. Abrams fails with the Rise of Skywalker, it could end his film-making career.

The case towards the new trilogy has been the disapproval of existing fans and the approval of newly inducted fans. Those who enjoy the latest and final Skywalker saga noted a positive and satisfying ending to the last film. However, many others expressed mixed opinions on the conclusion, claiming that Abrams was forced to use the Emperor to save the mistakes made by Rain Johnson. In comparison to other entries in the series since 1999, this is becoming the worst-reviewed star wars film amongst fans and critics alike. Since the Disney Corporation acquired the Star Wars branding, they haven’t reached the critical success desired.

Rotten Tomatoes released the fan-enabled rating for The Rise of Skywalker, which is posted at 56% with 137 reviews. That figure has been continuously lowering with the increase of reviews, indicating that fans are fluctuating between enjoying the film and disliking the ending. This marks a significant failure for the Disney Corporation, who hoped that Abrams would save the franchise after Johnson. However, Rain Johnson made critical errors that ruined genuine fans’ love for the four-decade-old franchise.

It’s important to remember that the percentage of positive reviewed will fluctuate over the next month. It’s anticipated that a maximum of five hundred reviewed could be tallied for the Rise of Skywalker. However, from all accounts, this film won’t receive the Certified Fresh Seal of Approval from Rotten Tomatoes. Ultimately, this badge of honour is significant for any movie, as it guarantees that most moviegoers will enjoy Star Wars. Seeing lower scores than the Phantom Menace will have existing fans avoid this film at all costs.

The Flipside

Though the latest entry in the Star Wars film hasn’t proved to be successful, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be better entries coming in the future. The directors behind HBO’s Game of Thrones have signed on to create their new trilogy, which is rumoured to rival the original franchise made by George Lucas. It’s anticipated that a new force-sensitive family will be portrayed in this series, matching that of the Skywalker Clan back in the Old Republic Era.