Dexter Limited Series Announced by Showtime

Between 2006 to 2013, few shows garnered notable popularity. Series from AMC like Breaking Bad & The Walking Dead dominated the weekly ratings. AMC had one primary competitor, with that being Showtime’s Dexter. It surrounded a serial killer that worked for Miami Metro – Homicide Division as a Blood Splatter Analyst. Dexter Morgan infamously led secret life as Miami’s Bayside Butcher for 10+ years before (SPOILERS) being escaping to a Northern cabin. The series finale ended with Dexter closing his eyes, the show fading to black, and the credits rolling. It was hated by fans, critics, and Michael C. Hall himself.

Dexter Morgan was played by Michael C. Hall for eight seasons, with the actor announcing twelve-months after the series had concluded that he’d never witnessed an ending. That’s because Michael C. Hall believed another ending should’ve occurred for televisions most famous serial killer. The actor & fans have received their wish, with Showtime announcing that they bring Dexter back for a 10-Episode limited series. It’ll reunite Michael C. Hall with Clyde Phillips, the original creator of the Showtime drama.

The Executive Director of Programming for Showtime spoke about the announced return of Dexter. Gary Levine mentioned that millions worldwide thought Dexter a special series & that it enabled Showtime to grow into a prominent programmer. Levine clarified that creative discussions regarding the future of Dexter Morgan were brilliant and that criticism surrounding the 8th season’s end will be resolved. It took several years for an exciting, realistic, and unexpected storyline to be created by Clyde Phillips & Michael C. Hall.

What Phillips Thought the Ending Should Be?

Showrunner & Director Clyde Phillips suggested another ending in 2015 for Dexter, noting he’d regretted how the show had ended. Phillips believed that Dexter Morgan should’ve been sent to the Florida Penitentiary Execution Table and that all eight seasons were seen within several seconds before his official death. This meant Dexter’s victims, his relationships, and pivotal memories would have been re-experienced inside of several seconds. After opening his eyes, Clyde Phillips thought it would’ve been amazing to see Dexter Morgan lookout to his family & friends, mouth an apology, then pass-away.