Disney’s Mulan Experiences 3rd Controversy

It’s been learned that Disney Films permitted Mulan to film near Uighur Muslim Internment Camps, creating an influx of controversy. It marks the 3rd round of notable controversy for Mulan. The first was moviegoers learning that Disney’s Mulan wouldn’t honour the original tale from 1998, and instead be an adaptation with new plotlines. The 2nd round of controversy for Mulan came when Disney postponed its release to theatres & launched the film on Disney+ for $25.00. Discrepancies have also been noted with the film’s official cost, which is $35.00 on services like Google Play Movies & Apple Movies.

The majority of Disney’s Mulan was filmed in Xinjiang Province, which is the location that the Chinese Communist Party used to enslave Uighur Muslins in containment camps. This goes against the core premise of human rights & the film of Mulan. Disney’s Mulan centres around a young woman that disguises herself to become a man, hoping to create approval from her father. Mulan fights against the ruthless Hun Army & ultimately defeats her enemy through willpower alone. Having this movie filmed in the Xinjiang Province nearby Uighur Muslin Internment Camps shows an evident lack of care for human right violations. It proves that Disney fears displeasing the Chinese Communist Party, which could eliminate billions in profit per year for the international corporation & prompt an immediate shutdown of their Chinese theme parks.

Defending An Obvious Human Rights Violation

The President of Film Production at Disney defended filming in the Xinjiang Province. Sean Bailey claimed that 78-Seconds could not comprise the entire film, with his sentiments coming in-response to an Official UK Parliament Letter issued by Iain Duncan Smith. However, it’s likely that a larger percentage of the film is centred around the Xinjiang Province & viewers haven’t noticed the locational references. Bailey is working to reverse any negative criticism associated with Disney’s Mulan, which cost hundreds of millions to film & produce.

Even worse, the Disney Corporation thanks Xinjiang Government Officials during the movie credits & the Xinjiang Province for permitting them to film. This somewhat shows Disney’s knowledge of the Uighur Muslim Internment Camps. There’ll be zero repercussions towards Disney’s involvement in becoming a bystander towards our planet’s most massive human rights violation in 2020.