Drew Barrymore recalls the time she flashed David Letterman

Many will recall the time that Drew Barrymore appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, stood up and flashed him. It was a memorable night for The Late Show host and his viewers, one many have yet to forget.

Barrymore was appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week and was recalling some of the many moments that were embarrassing when appearing on late night television. Barrymore recalled the time she appeared on Carson as a youngster in 1982 and tripled while walking up to the desk and face planted right in front of a waiting Johnny. Barrymore commented that she felt that it was a lesson in humiliation and at the age of seven, eating it on national television hurt large.

Barrymore continued saying that as her career grew, her appearances on the Tonight Show continued. Said Barrymore, “I would go on the show when Jay Leno and Joan Rivers were on. I was on his show, like, eight times and then I started bringing him gag gifts.” Drew added that he was on his eighth divorce, and I brought him a set of dishes with his name on it. And I was like, ‘Now whatever woman your – whatever woman you divorce is not going to want these because they say, Johnny.’ I was a real card or something. I don’t know why—or how—I had that sense of humor. But I loved joking with him.”

Far from her most Embarrassing Moment

Yet, it falling on the set of the Tonight Show was far her most embarrassing moment when it came to late night television. That moment is owned by Letterman and it was by far, one of the crazier things to have happened on the unpredictable Letterman hosted show.

Barrymore was and is a big fan of David Letterman and she mentioned to Colbert that she has a tendency to go overboard for those she likes, and Letterman was the recipient of one of those moments.

Recalling the night in question, Barrymore stated that she did something particular for Letterman on his birthday. Drew explained that as she came on set, she jumped up onto his desk and began to perform a sexy dance and then flashed the host her breasts.

Barrymore lamented to Colbert that the night in question is a distant memory but that the episode was one that was a bit cool. However those days have moved on to a more subdued Barrymore now that she is a mother of two. She said as a person she is much different than her wild days and to do something like that now would not feel like her, even if it is still a part of who she is.

Speaking about the incident to Entertainment Weekly, Barrymore stated,

“From the moment I went on—especially with my little dance number, which was completely spontaneous and not calculated in any way—he let the audience know it was OK,” she said to EW. “From that infamous show, we developed a really fun chemistry. Then I just looked forward to going back.”

The actress can now be seen in the HBO smash The Santa Clarita Diet.