eSports FlyQuest Is Still Finding Their Feet

“We are horrible at the moment as a team. Somehow we’ve made it to week 2, and we are currently 3” Eugene Park stated with a smile, who is the mid layer for FlyQuest.

When you take it out of context, the words by Park could be a little harsh. However, no one is aware of just how hard these players need to work as a team other than the staff and members of FlyQuest. Including Park, who joined the team during the off season from Immortals and Team Liquid. Park is the 3rd veteran on the FlyQuest roster along with Jason Tran and Lucas Larsen. The team is currently in the second position in the League of Legends Championship Series in North America.

Team FlyQuest

“We have loads of players that have been scapegoated or blamed for their failures in a team, including myself, Larsen, and Tran,” Park stated. “We are all incredible players, but we always get named or blamed. But that’s just life. You need to deal with it and move on. We also have two rookies in the team, but that’s it.”

FlyQuest is one match away from joining Team Liquid as an undefeated team at the top of the ranks. They need to face Counter Logic Gaming to make that happen. With a 3-1 record heading into Week 3 of the League of Legends Series, they are considered a surprise team for most of the fans in North America as well as themselves.

“I believe the biggest one is that there are no important players,” Larsen stated. “Each time fans see no imports; they believe it’s a bad sign, especially when you look at Golden Guardians from 2018 who didn’t have important either.”

Without utilizing any of their roster positions for foreign players, Larsen is Danish. However, he has residency status in North America, and with player signings that are deemed as minor, the FlyQuest team occupied a 10th or 9th spot on several ranking lists in the preseason. Most of the NA teams are structured around talented players from South Korea or Europe where native NA teams fill the gap.

The Strong Start from FlyQuest

Even though FlyQuest had a phenomenal start, they need to work on several areas going forward. Also when you consider the poor performances by new hybrid teams, FlyQuest has several holes when it comes to their gameplay. During week 1, FlyQuest drafted compositions in terms of losing lanes but had great late-game potential. During week 2, the team went all in during the early game but failed to close the match before CLG outscored them. During the final matchup of week 2, FlyQuest selected a stronger mix which is a good sign that the team is learning from their previous mistakes.

Their biggest strength is their flexibility, but it can also be seen as a weak point if the team fails to grow. The biggest test will come when they face Team Liquid who remains undefeated in the competition.