European Cinemas Reject Disney Re-Release

UK and European Supporters of the original Star Wars Saga won’t receive a theatrical release of Empire Strikes Back. This follows after cinemas across the United Kingdom & European Union didn’t correctly negotiate with the Disney Company. Theatre Exhibitors were more concerned with upcoming films & didn’t want to risk possible outbreaks for older movies. Disney argued that financial burdens associated with COVID-19 require cinemas to rethink their standard strategies. Rereleasing a 4K Edition of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, would’ve brought loyalist supporters back in swarms.

Funds earned from these swarms of Star Wars fans wouldn’t be enough for European & United Kingdom cinemas to account for their lost profits. It could set them back even further under the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak. This is reasonable throughout the United Kingdom, with their infection counts still higher than average. Most European nations are facing decreased restrictions & could’ve easily accounted for this rerelease. It should be clarified that the Disney Company has released this 4K Film onto their streaming service & Blu-Ray, meaning consumers can quickly obtain the modern version Empire Strikes Back without any concerns of contracting COVID-19. This is another substantial reason for European & British cinemas rejecting Disney.

Variety Shoots Back

Information regarding the cancellation of this Film came from Variety, a trustworthy source that accurately reports dealings within the entertainment industry. Reporters with Variety indicated that negotiations with theatre exhibitors & the Disney Company were deterred by a substantial level of greed on the cinema’s behalf. Variety didn’t hesitate to provide an Amazon link to the 4K Blu-Ray of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, while also detailing how this Film could be accessed via Disney+. It was the British news outlets way of disregarding & disapproving of the actions of European Cinemas, with their contention of disbelief extending to the United Kingdom.

Film analysts aren’t surprised that Theatre Exhibitors in the European Union & United Kingdom aren’t lowering their fees for showcasing these films. It’s because they’re having to continuously pushback relaunches amid a lack of Hollywood films available to cinemas worldwide. European & British Cinemas desire a movie scheduled for the 2020 season before reopening, like the upcoming James Bond.