Fantastic Beasts 3 Script Finished

New details have been released regarding the Fantastic Beasts 3 Script. Information was provided by Dan Folger, one of the actors from the 1st two films. It was noted that the 3rd film follows more in line with the original movie, “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them”. The original film followed the adventures of New Scamander, a Zoologist in this magical kingdom.

The 1st film became incredibly popular with Harry Potter enthusiasts, allowing for the franchise to extend beyond its trilogy status to a five-part saga. While also watching New Scamander locate new beats throughout this magical universe, viewers also watched the rise of Gellert Grindelwald. He was considered the darkest wizard to ever live before Lord Voldemort, with Gellert being the inspiration for Tom Riddle’s entrance into dark wizardry. It should be noted the original film was released in 2016, with the sequel following in 2018. Supporters have expected the 3rd film to release in late 2021, with delays following from scheduling issues.


The 3rd entry in the Fantastic Beasts saga was slated to start filming in April 2020. Delays on filming have been prompted following the Covid-19 Pandemic. This’ll provide the writing staff additional time to enhance the script, fine-tuning every element to ensure the 3rd film is a financial success. Demands for increased profits followed after “The Crimes of Grindelwald” performed poorly at the Box Office and received poor reviews. Plotlines were scarce, and the overall theme was muddled. Universal Studios, J.K. Rowling and the writing staff have been working hard to ensure this task is accomplished.

When questioned on his thoughts regarding the 3rd film’s script, Dan Folger mentioned that character development is perfect and feels like a genuine sequel to the original movie. It was noted that the 3rd film begins setting the wizarding war between Dumbledore’s forced and Grindelwald’s Army during WWII. It’s known that the main focus going into this film will new Newt Scamander and his fantastical beasts, how they provide light during times of great evil. This was a significant theme throughout the original Harry Potter films, with examples being Dumbledore’s Phoenix. He’d always save Harry and his friends from mortal danger when times were darkest.