Fernando Alonso Gets to Test the new McLaren in Formula One

McLaren has recently confirmed that Fernando Alonso will at some point this year test the 2019 Formula One car. Fernando Alonso walked away from his racing role in Formula One this year. It still an affiliate for the McLaren team, which he will need to contest in May during his second Indy 500. There have been several reports that Alonso might test the current MCL34 McLaren car during pre-season testing which will take place in Barcelona. However, this is not going to happen.

Alonso Testing the new MCL34 McLaren Formula One Car

Last week, the McLaren team announced that Alonso would get the opportunity to test the new car on an unspecified date. Where he will assist with the development of the McLaren MCL34 as well as the MCL35 for the 2020 season. The role also includes Alonso becoming a McLaren brand ambassador.

“Alonso forms part of the McLaren team,” Zak Brown stated, who is the CEO for McLaren. “He has created his place within the history of the team and will continue to write his unique chapter for the McLaren story. Therefore, it’s appropriate that we further develop his status as an ambassador for McLaren where he will join Mika Heikkinen, another double champion.

“For any racing team, having someone of Alonso’s class at hand to offer support through his incredible experience is of enormous value. His perspective and insights will be warmly welcomed by both engineers and drivers alike, while his character and stature remain highly attractive to fans and partners.”

Alonso’s Affiliation with McLaren

Alonso has stated on several occasions that he still has a desire to make a comeback to McLaren if they manage to return to competitiveness. “Becoming an ambassador for McLaren is a true honour, “Fernando Alonso stated.

“It’s an exceptional team, and although there have been several challenges of late that the team had to endure, my outlook on McLaren will never change. Even though I stopped racing for McLaren in Formula One, I still see myself as part of the team for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I’m delighted with my brand-new role in the team as well as the ability to remain closely involved with McLaren which I consider my spiritual home.”

“I have the Indy 500 to look forward to later this year. However, it’s still regarded as the beginning of loads of other things to come in my racing career. I am also very interested in young talent and will assist them in bringing out their true potential at McLaren. This is vital for both myself and the team so that it will be quite rewarding for me in my new role.”

Last week, Alonso confirmed that he would drive the number 66 car during the Indy 500. He previously had the number 29 car when he made his debut in 2017. We sincerely hope he can claim victory in May to further enhance his racing career.