Godzilla Vs Kong Arriving in November 2020

Those who are fans of the monster film genre have been treated to numerous classics throughout the last two decades. It doesn’t matter if you became a fan when the original Godzilla was released or when Cloverfield restarted the film genre worldwide. Moviegoers are in for another treat with the upcoming release of Godzilla Vs Kong, which has been a highly anticipated cinematic event for decades. Warner Brothers confirmed the information on November 29th, informing their fanatics that the sequel will be released on November 20th, 2020.

There aren’t many moments when film studios rehash previous classics in Hollywood. However, the Godzilla Vs Kong remake has been anticipated for more than five decades. Both of the monstrous gods will clash against one another for the first time since 1962 in numerous destinations worldwide. It’s expected that the two will have their final battle in Tokyo, just like they did in the original.

Earlier Release

Warner Brothers determined that the film is better suited for a later release date, with previous reports indicating that the film would be released in May 2020. Godzilla vs Kong has been pushed back by six months to avoid potential box office backlash from other notable films to be released during that period. This doesn’t mean that Warner Brothers doesn’t have confidence in their upcoming movie, as the chairman for WB has suggested otherwise. Toby Emmerich noted that Godzilla vs Kong would provide fans of the genre with the climax they’ve been waiting for, which was anticipated with the last film “King of Monsters”. Even though King of Monsters didn’t do well in the box office, it was a critical success after its DVD Release.

Warner Brothers also confirmed that they have three other films in mind, depending on the success of Godzilla vs Kong. Warner Brothers have been setting up this climatic event for more than a decade when the remake of Godzilla was released with Bryan Cranston. Having another three films could see fans return to Skull Island or learn about other monsters throughout the planet’s history. Those wanting to watch this film can anticipate Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Kyle Chandler, Brain Henry and multiple other familiar faces to appear as characters in this film.

It’s anticipated that on the opening box office weekend, Godzilla vs Kong could earn upwards of $110 million. This would be incredible profits for any monster film being released near the holiday season. It’s anticipated that the 2019 San-Diego Comic-Con will release a trailer.