Guardians of the Galaxy Three Starts Filming in December 2021

The highly anticipated sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy Two is arriving by 2023. This follows after an official announcement was made that filming will begin by December 2021, which was unexpected after Disney was forced to pushback development of the MCU by a full year. Confirmations were made that Director James Gunn is returning to helm the third film, which has been praised by fans after the visionary of Guardians of the Galaxy was fired.

Christ Pratt is returning as Peter Quill, with the remaining cast reprising their respective roles. It’s also been confirmed that Chris Hemsworth will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Three, playing his iconic character of Thor. Most aren’t aware that Thor & the Guardians will also appear in “Love & Thunder”, the fourth film in Thor’s respective storyline.

Director James Gunn allowed for Guardians of the Galaxy to become an influential comic-book franchise. Previous to his involvement, these characters held minimal prominence in the comics. First created in 1969, the version of Guardian’s that are known today wouldn’t be seen until 2008. Marvel was evidently working towards the cinematic universe, with supporting fans of Iron Man & the Hulk not knowing back then. Twelve years after the original Iron Man film released to spectators worldwide, and an entire film universe has been created.

Director James Gunn Fired over Tweet

Concerns arose after Director James Gunn was fired from Disney, which followed when tweets resurfaced from Gunn’s account. His sentiments from years past regarded 9/11 and the Holocaust, which prompted Disney to terminate the influential director in avoidance of unexpected controversies. The opposite would happen & supporters would rally behind Director James Gunn, understanding that with age comes maturity. Numerous requests were made by millions of fans via signature for Gunn’s return, with Marvel inevitably caving to fanfare requests.

Director James Gunn cannot begin filming until “Thor: Love & Thunder” has completed filming in January, with an additional wait-time following for Director Peyton Reed’s 3rd Ant-Man film. Once those films are completed, Guardians Three will start production.