Harry Potter Writer Voices Trans Opinions

The Writer, Founder, and Creator behind Harry Potter have issued a series of statements that are being considered ignorant by particular communities. These sentiments follow after J.K. Rowling has continuously revealed her Anti-Transgendered position through Twitter. When these sentiments initially came to light two years ago, most were shocked. Rowling had spent the last eight years reworking her Wizarding World Lore to become more inclusive. This inclusivity never applied towards the transgender, leaving this community to question Rowling. J.K. Rowling then reveals that she is Anti-Transgendered. Her reasoning for this is purely scientific & undisputable.

J.K. Rowling doesn’t agree with either Female or Male transgender civilians. She mentions that woman wanting to become men can never ejaculate, build testosterone in their bodies, or have their level of fast muscle growth. Rowling has previously revealed that men wishing to become a woman can never have a child, menstruate, breastfeed, or have a fully functional vagina.

Under these scientific premises & evaluations, Rowling isn’t incorrect in her assessment. This hasn’t stopped thousands worldwide to express that her thinking is ignorant, that their emotions are more important than scientific facts known for hundreds of years. Most with ordinary intelligence & thinking patterns known these individuals were pampered in early life, prompting the mindset that feelings dominate above everything else. Rowling isn’t incorrect or ignorant by remarking these sentiments.

Unsupported Backlash

Supporters behind J.K. Rowling have begun criticizing the infamous writer, claiming she’s a “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist”. This basically means that like most woman worldwide, Rowling won’t admit that transgender females aren’t the real deal. It should be mentioned that this isn’t the 1st instance of Rowling specifying her opinions. She stood behind Maya Forstater, a Scientific Research that disputed transgender lifestyles.

Considering this woman operated within the Scientific Community, the emotionally needy destroyed someone that could’ve saved them from viruses & diseases. It’s the behaviour of this nature that is ultimately destroying North America, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. Rowling has contested that her mentality regarding this matter won’t ever change, which follows after the Harry Potter writer has birthed multiple children. She experienced a lifetime of menstruation & menopause.