Indian cricket history goes far back as 1721 where cricket was played at cambay close to Baroda, which is almost three hundred years. The madra versus Calcutta match in the year 1864 was debatably the beginning of the first-class cricket in India. First-class cricket decisively  started in the 1892–93 season with two match series between Parsees and Europeans matches, the match at Bombay resulted in a draw while Parsees managed to secure a 3 wicket victory at Poona. 

Cricket is the most famous sport in India, which was brought to India by British in the 1700s, and was first played in 1721 AD. The people in India doesn’t like the game until Sir Ranjitisinhji and Sir Duleepsinhj played in 1900 for the English cricket team. The Ranji success in England stirred up the desire to know more about it, among fellow princes in india. Many of them hired coaches from England and spent large amount of money and resources to ensure that they have the best facilities. The only problem they had was that they did not have a central controlling body in-charge of the game, So in 1848 the cricket game in india was established with the Oriental Cricket Club.

After several defeats from both different opponents, India had its first test victory in 1952, during their 24th match, where they played against England at Madras. Also in the latter part of that same year India completed with Pakistan and they won their first Test series. The Cricket World Cup was claimed by india in 1983, after they defeated the the two-time champions, West Indies in the final at Lords, giving the credit to the strong bowling performance. And in 1984 they won the Asia cup and also won the world cricket championship in Australia in 1985. The Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) inaugurated a national cricket game competition In 1934 to be played among the princely and the prince states which was named after the famous Indian player KS Ranjitsinhji as at that time. An inter-varsity game was also set up.

After the appointment of John Wright as Indian Cricket Teams first foreign coach in 2000, the Indian team had under gone some vital and primary improvements. India still upholds their best home record in Test matches against Australia that no one has been able to beat after conquering them in 2001. This test series was popular for the Test match at Kolkata, in which India became the 3rd team to win a Test match after following on in the history of Test cricket. Steve Waugh who was an Australian captain tagged Indian team as “Final Frontier” because of his team’s failure to win a Test series on Indian soil.

Since the beginning of cricket game in India till date, though they were defeated several times, they didn’t give up. India cricket team has been captained by a total of thirty-two men,  each of which led them in at least one Test , only six of them had led the team in more than 25 matches.