Hollywood Divorcee’s Stuck in Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced numerous civilians into awkward situations. People have to live beside their roommates without any form of escape, while others are cities apart and cannot visit their significant others. Two infamous actors from Hollywood have been placed into their awkward situation, with this including Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

These individuals were previously married and divorced two decades prior. They’ve been forced into a comedic setting, with Bruce Willis staying at Demi Moore’s house with his current wife. It’s because of the two of remained close friends since their divorce, parenting their children together in a productive manner. Both thought it best to collect their respective families and live on Demi’s Idaho ranch until the pandemic is over.

Willis lives close to Demi Moore but didn’t select him home, as it isn’t beneficial for social distancing. This slightly awkward situation has most likely become a joyous time that everyone involved will miss after the pandemic is over. Neither families have separated entirely and always remained close. This prolonged period together will only reinforce that closeness.

The Source

Information on these two individuals enclosing their families together came from an inside source close with Bruce Willis. This individual expressed to Entertainment Tonight was the Die Hard actor was traversing Sun Valley when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in this region. Before Willis could return to his home less than half-an-hour away, Sun Valley was determined a hotspot. All surrounding areas were determined to be Epicentre Zones as well. It’s for these severe conditions that Demi Moore extended the particular offering to Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming, which continued to their two respective children. It should be noted that Willis and Moore also had two children of their own.

This situation might be beneficial at first, but depending on the length of this pandemic, awkward situations can unfold. This will depend on the Willis and Moore family being resistant to bring up past events. The divorce of these two individuals is a whole subject matter to prompt a significant argument. Here’s hoping that these families continue to bond and don’t begin fighting.