Idris Elba Creating Spy Film with Apple

The Apple Company has employed the acting capabilities of Idris Elba for an unnamed Spy Thriller film. The film will be directed by Simon Kinberg, who also stands a notable producer & writer. Simon helmed the rebooted X-Men Franchise & created notable entries like “Days of Future Past”, “Apocalypse”, and “Dark Phoenix”. It’ll mark the first time that Simon Kinberg helms a Spy Thriller & works with Idris Elba. The Apple Company will financially support the creation of this film, with details on its release date & plot being kept private until further notice.

Concept details were provided & bare incredible similarities to the James Bond franchise, blending a mixture of romance & suspect for Idris Elba’s unknown character. It’s not surprising that the Apple Company is electing the acting capabilities of Idris Elba, with the actor being widely discussed to take over the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig. Details on staffing for this unnamed film was also released, with Audrey Chon as Head Producer & Travon Free as Head Writer. Simon Kinberg is taking the role of Head Director.

Filming locations details were also provided, with Idris Elba & Simon Kinberg attending Africa over the coming months to start the production. Filming is expected to take three months & enforce severe COVID-19 Protocols, guarantying the safety of those on-set. This will include the requirement of Protective CDC-Recommended Face Masks, Hand Sanitizing whenever possible, and crewmembers to social distance whenever suitable.

The Future for Idris Elba & Apple

Idris Elba is an influential actor that’s worked in countless box office films. This includes the Thor Franchise, Pacific Rim, Hobbs & Shaw, and The Dark Town. Elba has also acted in multiple television series that’ve gone on to have influential success. That includes Luther & The Wire. His next upcoming film is the Suicide Squad Two, which is slated to release later in 2021 after the pandemic has subsided.

The Apple Company have three films in development outside of Simon Kinberg’s upcoming Spy Thriller. This includes Emancipation, Killer of the Flowers, and 355. Inside sources with Apple also suggest that their company is bidding against Hollywood studios for multiple upcoming scripts. Apple winning these scripts would enable their streaming platform to grow tenfold.