Jason Statham Quits “The Man From Toronto”

Two shocking announcements were made this week regarding Jason Statham. It was confirmed that he’d terminated personal contracts with his agency, WME. This extends to Statham also cancelling his acting role in “The Man From Toronto” with Kevin Hart. The British actor made this decision weeks before production was slated to begin, which is now causing multiple film analysts to question the actions of Jason Statham.

The Man From Toronto was slated to be the 1st time that Kevin Hart and Jason Statham would work together professionally. It would’ve followed after both men have formidable friendships with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Rumours surrounding this decision indicate that this actor and the directors weren’t seeing eye-to-eye. That doesn’t mean anybody has to worry about Kevin Hart leaving this picture, with Deadline reporting the comedian will remain with The Man From Toronto. It’s now not known who will replace Jason Statham, who was slated to play the world’s deadliest assassin. He’d pair up with the most prominent screw-up in Toronto, which followed after both rented the same Airbnb.

The genuine reason for Jason Statham dropping out of The Man From Toronto is because of creative differences. The British actor demanded that this film be rated R, with Sony Pictures wanting a PG-13 Rating. This would allow for better targeted advertising towards the Thanksgiving Holiday Season, which infamously sees Rated R films perform horrendously. Similar issues have followed with Jason Statham in the past, who expressed his anger towards the directors of “The Meg”, which should’ve been Rated R. Jason is wrong about his decision with the Man From Toronto.

Statham Not Returning for F9

Another element that will see Jason Statham removed from the public eye for potentially twelve months is “Fast & Furious Nine”, which won’t have the British actor appear for the 1st time in three films. The reasoning for this is because Jason Statham was filming Hobbs & Shaw while F9 was under production. However, it should be noted that this British actor will remain an A-List actor going forward. A sequel for Hobbs & Shaw is already in development. It’s expected that this Spin-Off Series will become more popular than Fast & Furious, which would devastate Vin Diesel.