Joaquin Phoenix’s Weight Loss for the Joker

Looking back throughout the 2019 film season, numerous movies had notable performances and memorable moments. However, it was The Joker that stole audiences minds away and left them sitting on the edge of their seat. This was because of the breathtaking performance from Joaquin Phoenix, who could hardly be recognized after dropping a substantial amount of weight. The portrayal of Arthur Fleck as the Joker was unlike any iteration of the Crown Price we’ve seen before, with the eeriness of his character increased by the 52-pounds lost.

Information regarding how Joaquin Phoenix completed this significant transformation was released before the Blu-Ray hits markets on January 7th. Todd Phillips revealed during an interview that this A-List Actor completed a substantial change in his dietary requirements. Phillips expressed that June 2018 was when they last met before filming, where Phoenix was weighing 180lbs. Considering that shooting began in September, the director became worried that they hired the right actor for the tole. However, Phoenix confirmed that he’d start starving himself and eat the bare minimum to lose drastic amounts of weight. This came after Phillips offered him a nutritionist, which Joaquin declined multiple times.

Joaquin Phoenix kept himself running out of apples, lettuce and steamed green beans, and with the set having full platers of food trays with various meat products and baked goods, Phoenix had to decline the tempting treats and focusing on the in-depth role of Arthur Fleck. Since this information was released, many have claimed that Joaquin Phoenix exaggerated the methods required for this role. It’s one of the many instances where the behaviour of Phoenix can be considered odd or borderline insane.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Comments

The A-List Actor confirmed that one of the only requests he made was for Todd Phillips to remove his favourite pretzels from the set. Phillips refused and often ate them in front of Phoenix during weekly meetings. This was an inside joke between the two professionals, who have grown to become good friends. Originally there weren’t any intentions to make a sequel, but with increasing admiration towards one another, the possibilities are growing.

It should be noted that Joaquin Phoenix has gone through this drastic change before in an acting role. He previously had starved himself while playing Jesus in Mary Magdalene, where he maintained 300 calories daily. Most actors don’t have the ferocity required to enter this level of acting, which caters to his capabilities on film.