Johnny Depp Fired from Fantastic Beasts Three

The role of Gellert Grindelwald will be awarded to another actor, a character that’s been helmed by Colin Ferrell & Johnny Depp. It’s been announced by Warner Brother Pictures that they’ll be recasting the role of Grindelwald after Johnny Depp had been terminated. Depp was forced to leave this character after losing his lawsuit “The Sun”, a newspaper from Britain that claimed Johnny Depp a woman beater after his trail with Ex-Wife Amber Heard began in America. A response from lawyers employed by Johnny Depp was immediate, with a lawsuit sustaining four years has concluded. It’s likely disturbed Depp to know his power & fame wasn’t enough to win this lawsuit, something the Hollywood elite have grown accustomed to over decades.

May 2016 saw the controversy surrounding Johnny Depp & Amber Heard begin. Divorce papers were filed by Amber Heard, which followed with another filing for a Restraining Order. She claimed that Johnny Depp had committed domestic violence towards herself on multiple occasions, which included physical & verbal abuse. Lawyers employed by Johnny Depp contested Amber Heard filing the Restraining Order, which ensured eight months of legal battles. California would award Amber Heard with her Restraining Order & the Divorce Papers, finalizing their relationship.

Proposed allegations towards Johnny Depp with his domestic abuse increased after Heard won the first court case. Most expect Amber Heard to win the second court case, which would see a substantial percentage of Johnny Depp’s finances awarded to his Ex-Wife. Either way, both have destroyed their careers in Hollywood. Multiple films associated with Amber Heard & Johnny Depp has terminated their acting contracts. Amber Heard lost her role in Aquaman Two, with Johnny Depp being fired from Fantastic Beast 3 as Gellert Grindelwald.

Warner Brother Responds

The Fantastic Beasts Franchise resisted terminating Johnny Depp from the third instalment, with Warner Brother Pictures standing behind the influential actor. Defence for Depp even came from “Activist” J.K. Rowling, who clarified that she was comfortable with keeping Johnny Depp in the role of Gellert Grindelwald. That would prompt a substantial backlash against the author, who claims to stand against domestic abuse & stand with the rights of woman worldwide.