Lethal Weapon Returning

Hollywood Studios can’t comprehend that audiences aren’t willing to engage with classic franchise remakes. This follows after numerous films have failed, such as Men in Black Four or Bad Boys for Life. Warner Brother Studios refuse to quit and continue to persist with the announcement that Lethal Weapon could return. This followed a decision made on the Hollywood Reporters “Producers Roundtable”.

It was confirmed that Richard Donner would direct Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, who are both older men that really couldn’t participate in the action of Lethal Weapon. Individuals on social media have persisted against this remake, with multiple individuals reporting they won’t support this film financially when released to theatres. Subsequently, profits could be drastically low for the 5th and final Lethal Weapon. It should be noted that Warner Brothers tried to create a television series centred around this universe, which was cancelled after two seasons.

John Krasinski Returning for Quiet Place II

Previews for Superbowl Advertisements have begun to be released to YouTube, with most of them applying to films and television series. One of the 1st to provide their 30-second preview of YouTube was “A Quiet Place II”, which stars Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. It’s also directed by the couple, who have been married for a prolonged time. While viewing this short clip, fans can notice that “Day One” of the alien invasion will be showcased. Time will jump from the past to present, seeing how this wife and her children cope in a silent world without their husband/father. The last film saw John Krasinski lose his life in protection of his children; it was considered to be one of the most emotional scenes of 2018 cinema.

Those wondering if this film with centre primarily on the past to allow for John Krasinski’s return would be incorrect. Less than half an hour will be centred around “Day One”, with the rest of the film focused on the expanding world. Evelyn will take her children off their land in search of other human beings for assistance. It’ll take them down a post-apocalyptic world that is dangerous and unexpecting. Throughout this world, a sound cannot be made, or lives will instantly be lost. The original Quiet Place was considered one of the tensest thrillers ever created, which we can agree with full-heartedly. You’re left on edge throughout the entire film, which is why we’re excited about the upcoming sequel.