LG Gram Review

You might be surprised to learn that LG makes laptops. We certainly were. Weighing in at a mere 989 grams, the latest laptop from the Korean company is known as the LG Gram. The first thing that makes this laptop so extraordinary is how light it actually is, especially given the fact that it comes equipped with a 14 inch screen.


As previously mentioned, the new LG Gram weighs a mere 989 grams which means it’s considered one of the lightest laptops in the industry at the moment. What’s even more impressive is that it only measures in at 15 mm when measuring its thickest point. The chassis is made from light alloy materials, known as Nano Carbon, along with magnesium which makes it so incredibly light. You can also choose from two colour schemes, including brushed silver and white. The best part of this laptop is that you can drop it from chest height onto a hard floor and you won’t find any damage whatsoever.


The new LG Gram comes with a price tag of £1,200 which means the screen quality should be quite impressive along with a touch-screen panel at the very least. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When reviewing the LG Gram, we discovered that the Korean company simply embedded a standard resolution display with full HD. Although the 14 inch screen comes with IPS technology for wider viewing angles, we were quite disappointed that it didn’t feature more in terms of display, especially with such a high price tag.

Touch pad and Keyboard

Although we weren’t impressed with the display, we were highly impressed with the keyboard fitted into the new LG Gram. It offers exceptional key travel, making typing an enjoyable and springy experience. It’s also waiver thin, much like the Mac Book from Apple, so you are in for a real treat if you buying this for content writing. Each key is also back-lit and comes with two settings to make it lighter or darker, depending on the work environment. Furthermore, it has a fingerprint scanner situated within the power button, freeing up space for the keyboard area as well. In terms of the touch pad, its smooth to touch, large, and very responsive, so we didn’t have any complaints here.


The new LG Gram boasts with two power options, including an Inter 8th Gen Core i5, which will set you back £1,199, as well as a Core i7 which will come with a price tag of £1,349. We tested the i5 model which also came equipped with 8 GB of RAM, but you can upgrade it to 16 GB of RAM at an additional cost. This will allow you to run most demanding applications and give you the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of AAA games without any issues.

Storage and Connectivity

The LG Gram comes with a host of connectivity options, including 2 x USB ports, 1 x micro-SD slot, and 1 x USB-C port. It also has a 256 GB SSD hard drive with both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Everything you need and more from one of the thinnest and lightest laptops in the world.