MGM Delaying James Bond Until Summer 2021

Moviegoers have clamoured for another addition into the James Bond Franchise with Daniel Craig. When the last film (Spectre) was released to audiences in 2015, most anticipated it’d be the final outing of Daniel Craig. He’d remarked sentiments of wanting to peel off his nails before playing James Bond again. Those statements would inevitably be reverted & Craig would return for his 5th & final instalment. It’s known that “No Time to Die” will mark the final casting of Daniel Craig for James Bond, with the film having been completed & ready for release to cinemas. Numerous delays have forced moviegoers to wait extended periods until they can witness Craig’s last outing. Initial delays came because of production complications between December 2018 and April 2019.

The original release date for “No Time to Die” was November 2019, which MGM Studios would delay until February 2020. Another postponement would follow before February with public scandals riveting the top brass at MGM Studios. Delays would extend until April 2020, proving detrimental for both MGM & Universal. COVID-19 had international implications & was seeing populations worldwide becoming affected. Maintaining the release of No Time to Die for April 2020 would increase the level of coronavirus infections seen worldwide. It prompted MGM Studios & Universal Studios to initiate another postponement until November 2020.

The Hollywood is now indicating it Reported that MGM Studios, Universal, and multiple other studios would be forced to delay their films until Summer 2021. The Hollywood Reporter noted that MGM Studios are actively considering another postponement after their initial five. It’d mean No Time to Die has become the longest delayed film in James Bond History. However, MGM Studios has emphasized their dedication towards curving the spread of COVID-19.

Conflicting Stances

Hollywood hasn’t followed recommendations made by President Donald Trump, instead of focusing on the Centre for Disease Control & Doctor Anthony Fauci. That’s why Universal Studios confirmed that Jurassic World Dominion and Furious Nine had been postponed until Summer 2021. Various studios haven’t identified details on other films. Analysts are anticipating that Disney & Marvel will follow alongside Paramount, releasing their films for Video-On-Demand. This allows profits to remain consistent but destroys any possibility of cinemas reacquiring profit by Summer 2021.