Michael B. Jordan is Directing Creed 3

The third entry into the Creed franchise will be directed by its star pupil, Michael B. Jordan. Known for portraying Adonis Creed in both films, the actor is expected to make his directorial debut by requiring the third & final entry of this franchise. Throughout North America, the film series has become widely popular as a continuation of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky.

There wasn’t ever meant to be a spinoff franchise for Rocky, with Sylvester Stallone creating a final ending for Rocky Balboa in 2006. For nearly a decade multiple studios had pitched Stallone a continuation storylines for Balboa, which were all rejected. It wouldn’t be until Director Ryan Coogler suggested an idea that focused on the son of Apollo Creed (Rocky Balboa’s enemy turned into a friend) that Stallone changed his mind.

Making a film that centred around Rocky Balboa becoming a trainer & mentor for Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo, immediately intrigued Sylvester Stallone. Years later there are two sequels with a third slated to arrive. Director Ryan Coogler is willing to disembark from his directorial duties & pass the torch to Michael B. Jordan. That’s because Ryan Coogler has become one of the most prominent directors in Hollywood, having directed Marvel’s, Black Panther. It’d because of Creed that both Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler had their careers cemented in Hollywood.

Creed Three

Details regarding Creed Three are beginning to get reported by Deadline. It’s been confirmed since February 2020 that Zach Braylin would write the script, with Sylvester Stallone overseeing Braylin guarantee unity between previous Creed & Rocky films. It’d be Sylvester Stallone with an overwhelming volume of knowledge regarding both franchises.

Deadline is now reporting that Michael B. Jordan will reprise his role as Adonis Creed, while also making his directorial debut. Warner Brother Films haven’t provided official clarification on who will direct Creed Three. However, considering the box office success associated with this franchise, lack of information on the director is somewhat confirmation of Jordan’s directorial debut.

Some are concerned that by releasing a 3rd entry into the Creed franchise, it’s storyline could become convoluted. Creed Two saw the storylines of Rocky Balboa & Adonis Creed ended perfectly. Both came to terms with the challenges surrounding their lives. Those challenges cannot return all the sudden.