Monster Hunter Film is Finished

Few filmmakers stand behind the video game industry, creating movies that honour their original franchises. One director that’s known for bringing influential games over to the film genre is Paul W.S. Anderson. This filmmaker is behind notable series like Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat. He’s now moving towards a new franchise named Monster Hunter, employing the likes of Milla Jovovich & Tony Jaa. Most weren’t anticipating that Post-Production on “Monster Hunter: The Movie” would be complete until 2021 following COVID-19.

Paul W.S. Anderson confirmed that all production has been completed for his upcoming film & that it’ll release in Mid-2021. This suggests a summer release date, meaning substantial competition that’ll likely defeat Monster Hunter for viewers. Hollywood studios are collecting numerous films that were slated to release during COVID-19. Eventually, those movies will be released at high volumes, giving viewers various options when attending cinemas.

Paul W.S. Anderson gave an official statement after an interview with Cinema Blend. He’d remark that 100% completion has been acquired for Monster Hunter, with the release date expected for Labor Day Weekend in 2021. That means a release date for September 7th. That’s late into the summer season for Hollywood & could provide Anderson with a viable chance at acquiring large profits behind Monster Hunter.

This film centres around two female “Hunters”, which are tasked by local populations to track & eliminate an ever-growing number of fearsome monsters. These “Hunters” are known to maintain numerous forms of weaponry, which is required for the array of powers supported by these monsters. It’s the same core premise seen within the Monster Hunter video game series. Anderson confirmed that they’ve honoured create design & the environments seen throughout this game series, working towards an identical experience on film.

Mila Jovovich

One significant attribute that’ll bring moviegoers into their local cinemas for Monster Hunter is Mila Jovovich. She’s iconic throughout the video game community, appearing throughout the entire Resident Evil film series. She’s emphasized through social media that Monster Hunter is unlike any other film created before, supporting ungodly landscapes & creatures that outrank the CGI seen in Jurassic Park. If these claims are proven accurate, then Monster Hunter will likely become an unexpected financial hit for Paul W.S. Anderson.