Movies: Different Languages, Similar Entertainment

Movies are great way to share knowledge about different cultures.  Movies are not only Limited to Hollywood, USA or English, they might superior in technology but real cinema is not only their monopoly. There are several categories truly belonged to non-English countries.

Russian:  Russian movies shell always known for their contribution in Animation and War movie genre.

Russian animation movies present great philosophy about life, with those short animated movies you can learn about morality and ethics. These animated movies help us to understand how to react in critical situation and choose right way from it. These animated movies are more related to reality rather then fantasy.

War always creates mass destruction of wealth and humanity.  Million of people forced to anticipate in war no matter they are army or civilians.  The reality is that nobody wins in war; each country has to suffer for anticipating in war. Decision of few politicians leads whole country into war, it’s also important to know opinion of civilians. We will never forget impact of World War I & II which took lives of million of innocent people and affected others different ways.

Soviet Union has longest history of their presence in war. It’s very important to understand conspiracy and truth behind war. There are many war related movies in Russian language, which can help us to know reality behind war.  Some legendry soviet directors presented horrifying war effects beautifully on camera.

Hindi: Hindi movies earned title of Bollywood known as replicating Hollywood movies.

That is not entirely true. Bollywood has their own way to make movies, with dazzling dance steps and beautifulsongs between scenes in movie. That’s give fresh look to Indian movies. Hindi movies are not superiors in technology compare to Hollywood movies, but Hindi movies are more known for Romance, Family Drama and heartbreaking comedy genre in Indian style.

Different between Bollywood and Hollywood can be described as difference between Love and Sex. If you watch Hindi movies you surly fall in love with India.

Spanish: Spain and Mexico are leading countries for contribution in history of Spanish cinema.

Why cinema is only belonging to fantasy, non-digested action, romance, unrealistic comedy?  There is majority class of ordinary people living normal life and facing real challenges in life. Spanish movies from Mexico are about hard-hitting truth, real life struggle and mainly focusing on real aspect of life. So be ready to deep inside Latin American society and feel their culture.

Italian: Italian cinema gave us many legendary directors, where some of them established milestone in English movies as well.

When is comes to Italy it’s about quality and attitude. We are thankful to legendary Italian director “Federico Fellini” and “Pier Paolo Pasolini” for their invaluable contribution in film history. Michelangelo Antonioni, Asia Argento, Bernardo Bertolucci, Vittorio De Sica, Sergio Leone, Ermmano Olmi, Giuseppe Piccioni, Massimo Troisi, Lucino Visconti are few name of shinning stars from Italian film industry.

Italian cinema contributed many masterpieces for real cine-lovers, which are unforgettable.