Narendra Modi: Indian PM (2014)

India furnishes an example of the largest democratic country in the world. Discussing politics is the most common leisure of almost all Indians. From the first tea in the morning till the last news on TV before bed, we all keep on watching-thinking-discussing the Indian politics. We all know that we can do nothing about anything we don’t like happening in the Indian democracy except voting once in every 5 years.

But a state like Gujarat has powerful leader like Mr. Narendra Modi. He is one of the strongest leaders in the country. He is the biggest example of strength, unity and victory in modern India. Gujarat has always been a wealthy state and people of Gujarat have contributed a lot for the development. When Mr. Modi became the CM of Gujarat State, he just decided to make it the fastest developing state in India.

Narendra Modi is a role model for very many youth of Gujarat as well as outside Gujarat. He has put his soul in the fields of education, agriculture, urban development, building business opportunities, attracting foreign investors, energy, technology & communication, and much more. Education for girls, for poor people have been possible under different education plans of Mr. CM. Recently, Narendra Modi has successfully completed the “Gareeb Kalyan Yojna” (funding  skim for poor), which brought smiles on many faces. If I quote Modi as  “God”, then I don’t see anything wrong in that. Some of the political leaders always try to pull his leg, but Modi always says, “I don’t care” to all of them.

Modi has been a student of political science and he is a master in that. You might be thinking why I am not talking about the Godhra incident and post-godhra riots. I don’t see anything important in that to be discussed over here. It was a religious riots supported by some religious freaks, I don’t say that the riots were a political issue. CBI gave clean chit to Modi. So, there is no point discussing about his role in that. Well, if someone will smoke in a room full of firecrackers, then you can imagine the results of even one spark on them.

The point here is that Narendra Modi should be elected as the PM in 2014’s election. If Modi becomes PM, then the development won’t be restricted only to Gujarat. The whole India will be benefited by his strength and wisdom.

Some people think that if Narendra Modi becomes PM, he might act as a dictator. Well, I don’t think so.