Netflix Halts Production of The Gray Man

Industry-wide closures have been sustained for film & cinema, with studios having to cancel productions because of looming outbreaks. Even largescale entities like Netflix haven’t been untouched by Covid, with multiple shows & movies entering postponement status. An unfortunate announcement was issued by Netflix on December 18th, revealing that the Gray Man is being delayed because of continued coronavirus outbreaks in Florida.

Announcements were issued days after excitement & hype surrounding the Gray Man began flooding online. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo were confirmed to be helming this production, with Chris Evans & Ryan Gosling appearing in the leading roles. Details regarding storylines weren’t hard to locate, with the Russo Brothers adapting “The Gray Man by Mark Greaney”. The novel was released in 2009 & generated prominent excitement amongst international readers. It followed two CIA Operatives that track one another down worldwide. Confirmations were made regarding the budget for Netflix’s Gray Man, with $200 Million being spent. That budget is likely to increase by millions following the unexpected delay.

Internationally, Netflix has experienced significant difficulties with sustaining productions. Movies & TV Series being produced across the European Union were postponed, with that extending towards Asia and North America. Filming throughout New Zealand & Australia was also postponed multiple times, with that extending towards the Middle East. Caution towards all productions is continually implemented at Netflix now. Whenever regions hosting these sets & crews experience rising cases, productions are halted by Netflix.

The Gray Man’s production is being held in California, with Netflix finding higher-valued filming locations to eliminate outbreaks. Rising cases in multiple cities throughout California have prompted Netflix to halt production, with several positive tests confirmed on the construction crews for the Gray Man. It’d been hoped that January 18th would have seen filming begin. Netflix confirmed that filming would start until February 1st, 2021. That announced date is under the anticipated that cases in California don’t continue to flourish.

The Endgame in Sight

It’s unfortunate that the first film from Anthony & Joe Russo since “Avengers: Endgame” is experiencing an onslaught of production problems. These directors are considered prominent members in the film industry, individuals that released the final box office sensation since Covid-19 affected worldwide cinema operations. Some speculate there’ll never be another box office film like Avengers: Endgame again. That’s a possibility, with cinema-chains worldwide declaring bankruptcy & shutting down locations. Streaming could become the latest version of international cinema.