Norwich Taking Victory

This past weekend Carrow Road was destined for greatness within the soccer world. When the world’s best got defeated by the underdogs, and everybody remembered once again why soccer is such a widely loved sport globally. Manchester City had to suffer at the hand of Norwich with a winning score for the home team of 3-2. Not only was that great reason to embarrassment for the soccer giants, but adding to their agony was the fact that it was done while eight of Norwich’s star players were unavailable to play the game.

Supporters of the local team did not have much to hope for before the game, hence their complete disbelief when they ended up in victory. The team delivered an immaculate presentation of skills and techniques and they showed continuity in there play the entire time. Under the guiding hand of Daniel Farke, the team managed to proof not only to their supporters but also to other organizations which have recently been promoted to Premier League, that success can be possible within the league. Often when newly developed, newbies in the league are seen to play a game where an aggressive attack is launched. This seldom if ever works in their advantage. This was, however, not the disciplined approach which was displayed by Norwich. They held onto their ball, regardless of increasing pressure. Norwich delivered on the style of play which English football wants to see on the field.

Spending Little on Transfers

When teams are promoted into the Premier League, they would often spend large sums of money on contracting great names within the sport. It seems that this is done to try to ensure that they will remain within the league. Norwich didn’t follow that approach when they were promoted. During the summer transfer season, they only contracted two players, two transactions which resulted in them having the lowest amount spent on transfers in their rankings.

Maybe it was Norwich’s lucky day, perhaps Guardiola’s winning force was experiencing an off day, and both scenarios are slightly exact. What the grand event in football history means is, however, that there is hope for freshly promoted teams to enter mission impossible and be victorious. Norwich has managed in one game to show other groups in their situation, that focus on tactics and continuity in play are more rewarding than aggression and spending money on impressive names. They have given hope to others that survival in the Premier League might very well be possible. English football has long been hoping for a team to move up into Premier League and to remain there successfully through their style of play, their discipline and their ability to deliver impeccably on a structured game plan. Norwich might be what they have hoped for.

Game days like this one over the past weekend is what keeps teams inspired, what makes legends realize that sometimes they too need to stand back and rethink strategy and what keeps fans engaged and bookmakers busy.