Paramount announces Grease Prequel.

Moviegoers that became long-time fans of Grease, the 1978 musical that is still loved by millions worldwide, is receiving a prequel from Paramount Pictures. Details regarding the prequel have been minimal since the original announcement. However, new information has been revealed & it’s now known that “Summer Lovin” will be a complete musical.

The prequel is adeptly named after one of Grease’s opening numbers, “Summer Nights”. It’s a fan favourite song amongst multiple others and has suggested since the initial announcement that moviegoers would witness Danny & Sandy meet, then fall in love. It’s been something fans have desired since 1978 but never received. Instead, there was a “Grease Two”, which never garnered the same fanfare as it’s original.

There hasn’t been any official casting for “Summer Lovin”, but it’s highly expected that director Brett Haley will recast the roles of Danny & Sandy. Using John Travolta & Oliva Newton-John would require tens of millions in de-ageing technology. New actors that share notable similarities between Travolta & Newton-John will likely be hired. August 30th detailed announcement on “Summer Lovin” also revealed that John August would helm the scrip, with his previous experience including Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin.

Summer Lovin Director Confirms Details

Director Brett Haley confirmed to fans that the Grease Prequel will be a full-on musical and will honour the original film in appearance & sound. Brett Haley believes that similar to Grease, “Summer Lovin” has the opportunity to become an internationally beloved film that’s enjoyed by moviegoers who conventionally dislike musicals. It’s this core element which saw Grease become an iconic film over the last five decades, which Brett Haley hopes will repeat for “Summer Lovin”.

Fans of Grease has welcomed the information given by director Brett Haley. Anything less than what was confirmed would’ve been a notable disappointment. Mimicking the same fanfare that it’s predecessor accomplished will be challenging for “Summer Lovin”, with Grease creating ten hit songs that are still played by millions five decades later. The main appeal of this prequel will be witnessing Danny & Sandy falling-in-love for the first time.