Paramount Pictures Delays Two Upcoming Films

Hollywood hadn’t anticipated for the financial fallout associated with COVID-19, prompting fundamental concerns for future productions that could sustain years of creative differences. Individual studios have refused to acknowledge health concerns with the pandemic, allowing films to release shortly for global audiences. Other studios are acting pre-emptively & doing their part to limit the spread of COVID-19. That includes Paramount Pictures, which had Media personnel confirm on July 24th that “A Quiet Place: Part Two” and “Top Gun: Maverick” have had their release dates postponed until 2021.

Both films were slated to release for September 4th, competing against each other & allowing for Paramount Pictures to flood the film market for a short period. That strategy has been altered following the coronavirus pandemic. It’s known that “A Quiet Place: Part 2” and “Top Gun: Maverick” will release on separate dates during 2021. April 23rd has been designated for John Krasinski’s Quiet Place Two, while Top Gun will be issued a day before Christmas on December 23rd.

Film analysts are shocked by Paramount Pictures announcement to delay the 2nd Quiet Place. Its world premiere was unveiled to Hollywood elite in New York City during March 2020, two weeks before COVID-19 inflicted America & prompted a nationwide lockdown. Quiet Place Two would’ve released in March 2020 but was postponed until September. Paramount Pictures clarified that their weeks from that release date & the pandemic has only worsened, prompting the additional delays of eight months.

Character & Plot Details for A Quiet Place 2

Multiple delays for the 2nd Quiet Place have allowed for plot details to release in unconventional methods. It’s known that there’ll be a 2nd Predator inflicting the Abbot family, one that is more sadistic & violent than what was seen in the first film. There’ll also be a new regular cast member introduced into this franchise, with that being Cillian Murphy. He’ll play the role of Emmert, who encompasses the definition of their environmental landscape. His character feels to have given up with life, similar to the Abbot Family. It’ll be a small girl that provides them hope for a 2nd time.