Paul Rudd & Will Ferrell Starring in New Sitcom

Television enthusiasts will shortly see an unexpected partnership, which follows after it was confirmed that “The Shrink Next Door” will become a sitcom. This podcast was selected by Media Rights Capital for development of a television series, with no streaming service or network selected. It’ll become a hot ticket item for Amazon, NBC, Netflix, HBO and other television services. This is because it’s starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd from Anchorman.

When looking to the show description for this podcast, it states that The Shrink Next Door is a dark comedy that centres around the odd relationships of Martin Markowitz and Isaac Hershkopf. Paul Rudd will take the role of Doctor Hershkopf, who provides psychiatric therapy to Will Ferrell as Martin Markowitz. This reaches to the point that the good doctor moves into Martin’s home, controlling what the family can accomplish and how the behaviour affects Ferrell’s character. This television sitcom follows the same concept as “Anger Management”, a movie from the early 2000s that starred Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. This means you can expect plenty of hysterical manipulation and comedic dysfunctionality.

It’s known that Michael Showalter from “The Big Sick” is slated to helm to the sitcom. The Head Writer will be Georgie Pritchett, who’s become well known through HBO’s “Succession”. Scripts have begun to be developed, with no indication when this service will be released to viewers in North America.

Jennifer Lawrence Working on Adam McKay Comedy

Another shocking announcement regarding comedy cinema was made by the Netflix Corporation today. It was revealed that Adam McKay has partnered with this streaming service, where he’ll direct and produce the upcoming comedy film, Don’t Look Up. It’s slated to star Jennifer Lawrence and numerous other comedic actors that McKay is known for employing. This means the potential to see Dave Franco, Seth Rogen or James Franco in the film.

It’s known that the script will centre around two astronomers that aren’t defined in their low-level roles. After feeling down of themselves, it’s learned that an asteroid is approaching Earth and will kill all living creatures across our planet. It’s the job of these two astronauts to save humanity, but before they can do that in our media controlled world, they must embark on a press tour and convince understanding of their capability. Being overwhelmed and underqualified for the role, viewers will see these astronauts figure out how to sway over the public of their safety.