Portland Becomes the Newest Victim of the Golden State Warriors on the Road

The Golden State Warriors are giants when it comes to the playoffs on the road. From everything this team has managed to accomplish in the last 5 years, a number that leads to personify its dominance is a streak that the Golden State Warriors managed to extend on Saturday evening when they destroyed the Portland Trailblazers 100-99, allowing them to take an incredible 3-0 lead in the series within the Western Conference finals.

The Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors now boast with 22 successive series along with one victory on the road. That alone is already considered a record in the NBA which can stand for a very long time. The Golden State Warriors have also started flirting with the six championships in 8 years held by the Chicago Bulls and the eight consecutive titles held by the Boston Celtics during the 1960s for the most excellent team of all time status.

Steve Kerr recently informed reporters that its extremely difficult to win a championship in the NBA because the competition is quite fierce and it’s necessarily a two-month journey that needs to be endured once the playoffs get underway. The Golden State Warriors have made it to the finals four times already which tells you how competitive this team truly is and how much they want to win every time.

The Golden State Warriors managed to end LeBron James’ winning streak of 33 successive road series with a victory in the finals of the NBA last season. That statistic won’t ever be remembered, especially when you consider the eight consecutive appearances during the Finals. However, it’s the underlining this occurred, the guts of how he dominated the game.

Should The Golden State Warriors Win

The Golden State Warriors need to win on the road as the team won’t have an advantage at home during the next round. Should the Golden State Warriors achieve a streak of 23, the bedrock of their four championships in 5 seasons will win such as:

  • Last week’s Game 6 in Houston when Curry managed to score 33 points during the second half following 0 in the first half to destroy the hopes and dreams of the Rockets after the calf injury suffered by Durant.
  • Last season’s Game 7 in Houston when Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry accumulated 3-pointers during the 3rd quarter to destroy a deficit of 11 points.
  • Game 6 in 2016 in Oklahoma City when Klay Thompson managed to make a total of 11 3-pointers which kept the Warriors alive.
  • Game 4 in Cleveland during the finals when Steve Kerr managed to stun all by placing Andre Iguodala within the starting line-up which completely changed the series from there on in.
  • Game 4 in 2015 that took place in Memphis when the Warriors enjoyed their first title run when Kerr decided to place Andrew Bogut to guard Tony Allen.