Resident Evil Reboot Finishes Filming

Exciting information has made headlines across the film industry, with announcements being issued that the Resident Evil Reboot has finalized production. It’s been known for months that “Screen Gem Pictures” were rebooting the Resident Evil film franchise, which followed after the previous version failed to capture moviegoer attention for years. The newest rendition is slated to have additional horror & sexuality, providing a core experience to the video games this reboot is based upon.

Unlike the original Resident Evil film franchise, an unexpected character with zero connection to the games isn’t being introduced. Characters familiar to millions worldwide are being introduced as prominent leads. That included Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and Claire Redfield. Hannah John-Kammen is helming the role of Jill Valentine, with Robbie Amell being casted as Chris Redfield. Kaya Scodelario is bring life behind the character of Claire Redfield. Supporting castmates are being sustained for various roles throughout the upcoming reboot. Those include:

  • Tom Hopper as Albert Wesker.
  • Avan Jogia as Leon S. Kennedy.
  • Lily Gao as Ada Wong.
  • Neal McDonough as William Birkin.

Fanatics behind the original RE franchise hope that the original creators will return, with husband & wife couple of Paul Anderson/Milla Jovovich expressing an open mindset towards returning behind the directors’ chair of Resident Evil. Considering that “Screen Gem Pictures” is planning to create multiple films surrounding the RE Universe, it’s becoming more plausible that Milla Jovovich & Paul W.S. Anderson will return to helm another film or series. It’s known that streaming service Netflix is producing a live-action series & animated show based around Resident Evil.

Resident Evil fanatics have praised the completion of filming, with this production avoiding coronavirus outbreaks. Castmates, Directing personnel, and Crewmembers have avoided 2020s plague while filming a movie about the zombie apocalypse. Considering the RE Reboot is an exclusive production to avoid coronavirus outbreak, the ironic nature of filming completion cannot be avoided. The Resident Evil Reboot is releasing to consumers by September 2022.