Shahrukh Khan (SRK): Most Beloved Villain in Indian Film Industry

Villain means the bad guys, then why should we love them, having their memory in our mind and at the end of movie, we feels he was not such bad guy, he doesn’t deserve end like this. Some of us pray and wish some different end. But, unfortunately we are helpless and must watch them dying with tears in our eyes.

shah-rukh-khan (King of Bollywood)

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is most beloved and successful actor in Indian movie history, he started new trend of anti hero in Indian film industry. He started career with successful movie deewana, and then he appeared in negative roles in movie Bazzigar, Darr, Anzam. Anzam was last movie screened shahrukh as villain, and then he never worked as villain.

• Bazzigar

SRK in the film Darr (meaning Fear)

Thriller, suspense and action packed movie directed by Abbas-Mustan, presenting Shahrukh as lead male character. Most successful movie of 1993 dragged huge Indian crowd to cinema halls. SRK is playing triple character, 1st as stylist and smart lover boy “Bazigar”, who always believes in winning, but as part of his strategy, he loss game against wealthy business tycoon (Dilip Tahil), to win heart of his daughter (Kajol) so Bazzigar shahrukh can attract kajol and earn stake in her father’s business. 2nd character is shy college boy, who smartly attract another daughter of Dilip Tahil and get succeed to kill her. 3rd character is the man behind these 2 characters, who is smarter, deadly, cruel guy who played this conspiracy to destroy Dilip Tahil and his family. Reason behind our sympathy toward SRK, we later figured out that SRK is playing revenge against dilip tahil, who betrayed Shahrukh’s father and smartly occupied his property, and made SRK and his family live life in poverty. In this struggle, SRK’s father and sister died struggling. When SRK grows up, and decides to destroy Dilip Tahil, and planned a deadly game, in order to execute this plan, he must kill everyone comes on his way.

Before knowing the truth of SRK’s past life, we hates him for his committed crimes. But later when we know truth about his past life, that creates soft corner toward SRK. So we allow him to kill Dilip Tahil in climax, but SRK must be punished to kill innocent people in this crime game. In the end Dilip Tahil and SRK kills each other.

So at the end we are still confused, is SRK hero or villain of Bazzigar? And I say SRK is most beloved villain.