Sidney Crosby Considering Treatment

The Pittsburgh Penguins have faced incredible odds for the 2019 – 2020 NHL Season. Already they’ve lost several of their key players to injuries, such as Evgeni Makin and Sidney Crosby. The team is now having to account for the long-term absence of major players. Captain Sidney Crosby has considered his treatment options for a prior sports-related hernia this season, which saw him miss multiple games. However, this treatment would prompt the star captain to be sideline of four to six weeks.

Luckily, the Captain can assist his team from the sidelines, acting as an additional coach. Sidney Crosby already sat out one game recently on Tuesday, November 12th. However, the Penguins came out victorious with a one-point lead. Considering this was against the New York Rangers, it gives Pittsburgh some hope that if Crosby leaves, it won’t ruin their chances for the playoffs. It should be noted that Crosby has the highest scoring percentage this year, with seventeen points. The team also mentioned that he would miss both New York Ranger games this week, preventing more significant injury to the infamous hockey player.

The Durable Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby is one of the greatest champions ever to grace hockey. It’s been confirmed that the forward Captain has had a hernia since training camp began in September. Crosby refused surgery for his injuries in the following months, allowing the Penguins to have a fighting position for the Stanley Cup. However, there’s a chance that Crosby could sustain lifelong injuries. Considering that six players are facing injuries right now, the last thing the penguins want is to see their star athlete incapable for more extended periods. Subsequently, this is what prompted the weeklong sideline for Crosby.

Until this week, Sidney Crosby hadn’t missed any of the regular-season games. Over the last six seasons, he’s appeared in 75 Games, with a large percentage of those with some form of an injury. It proves the level of durability that these stars maintain with regular training and workouts. It’s expected that Crosby will play a few more rounds of Hockey before taking a six-week sideline to heal his hernia.

Sidney’s most recent season has seen the three-time champion take on the role of an offensive. This was prompted by Makin’s lower-body injury earlier this season, which forced Makin to sit out of eleven matches. Luckily, Crosby was up to the task and maintained eight points for those eleven games.