Sir Sean Connery Dies at 90

An iconic & legendary actor that played influential characters like James Bond has died. It’s been announced that Sir Sean Connery has died after facing an unconfirmed illness for months. His fame is cemented for decades to come, with Sean Connery being the original James Bond throughout 1962 to 1983. The talents displayed by the influential actor, who played a significant influence on British culture for decades, prompted his knighting in 2000 from Queen Elizabeth II.

Words cannot define the influence that Sir Sean Connery had over cinema throughout four decades. His talents made him an internationally known film star, with global acclaim coming from numerous associations. Connery’s two decades with James Bond saw awards that would fail in-comparison to other accomplishments earned throughout his career. Films like “The Name of the Rose”, “The Untouchables”, “Indiana Jones”, and “The Hunt for Red October”. Through these iconic films multiple Academy Awards & BAFTAs were obtained.

For all the influential films that Sir Sean Connery created throughout his lifetime, multiple movies failed at the international box offices. “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” was the most prominent failure of Connery’s prompting his late retirement from cinema. Highs & lows were the definition of his career, with the knighted actor refusing scripts from “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Matrix”. Sir Sean Connery could’ve had the opportunity to be Gandalf the Grey, another role that would’ve defined his career similarly to James Bond.

Goodbye to a Legend

The family of Sir Sean Connery confirmed that their father & grandfather has died on October 31st in the Bahamas. His death followed after feeling unwell with an unconfirmed illness. Connery would live two months into his 90th year, with numerous personalities throughout Hollywood thanking & honouring the knighted actor for his contributions to cinema. Daniel Craig, Pierse Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, and Roger Moore provided their condolences for Sir Sean Connery. Without his contributions to James Bond, none of these other men would’ve been gifted the role later on. 

It’s expected that James Bond’s No Time to Die, which is slated to release in Summer 2021, will honor Sir Sean Connery at some point throughout the film. It’ll be a final way for fans to say goodbye after two years of pandemic living.