Sony Latin America Leaks Spider-Verse Film

Executives at Sony Pictures are reeling on November 5th after the Latin American Division unintentionally leaked marketing campaign footage for a Spider-Man Crossover. Rumours for months have suggested that Sony & Marvel are collectively working together to release a crossover event between all three iterations of Spider-Man. It’d mean that Toby McGuire’s Spider-Man from the early 2000s would appear alongside Andrew Garfield & Tom Hollands version of this superhero. Moviegoers have requested the Spider-Multiverse for since Avengers: Endgame in 2019. Sony Pictures recognized the fanfare behind this concept, which appears to have prompted their initial development.

Sony Latin America leaking promotional footage of Toby McGuire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland appearing in the same film alters this rumour to reality. Storyline details haven’t been provided, but through speculation, it’s ascertained that production wouldn’t begin until the completion of “Doctor Strange & The Multiverse Madness”. It’s expected that the upcoming 3rd Spider-Man film in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will coincide with Doctor Strange’s sequel. Both characters are appearing in their respective films.

The official teaser from Sony Latin America asks viewers who their favourite Spider-Man is, and that deciding isn’t needed. That’s because SLA confirms in the teaser anything is possible in the Marvel Multiverse. Hours after unintentionally being posted online, Sony Latin America removed the post. Numerous fans recorded over the footage & have begun distributing it across social media platforms.

Online Excitement Growing

Supporters can anticipate reporters to question Tom Holland profusely on the Spider-Verse, with Holland is known for struggling to sustain corporate secrets. Andrew Garfield & Toby McGuire will receive questions from reporters as well, with those two unlikely to break. Excitement regardless, is brewing across social media groups worldwide. The reason? Toby McGuire’s original Spider-Man will return. His variation of Spider-Man would be aged forty, resulting in the first live portrayal of an older Spider-Man, one that’s mastered all his skillsets. Don’t expect extensive details & confirmations on this picture for twelve months or longer.