Spider-Man Three Films in Shutdown Schools

Discussed previously, Spider-Man Three has begun filming in locations throughout the United States of America during the pandemic. Production has avoided an outbreak of coronavirus by maintaining close contact with exclusive individuals employed for crew responsibilities. Healthcare experts backlashed when learning hundreds would travel the country, filming this movie.

Resentment has continued after learning Spider-Man Three has started production in educational facilities in Atlanta. Shock has ensued Atlanta after learning actors & crewmember can attend local schools, which goes against the core premise of shutting these facilities down to avoid outbreaks. Financial revenue provided to the “Atlanta Public School District” outweighed the viable complaints made by local civilians. It was confirmed that $50,000.00 was awarded to the APSD for permitting crewmembers & actors to film in two unnamed campuses in Atlanta.

Minimal storyline details regarding the 3rd Spider-Man in Marvels Cinematic Universe are available. It’s known that Jamie Foxx is returning to the role of Electro, a villainous character seen in “The Amazing Spider-Man Two”. This storyline detail confirmed prolonged rumours that Sony & Marvel were working together to create the Spider-Multiverse. Creating this multiverse permits characters from older Spider-Man films to return, including previous iterations of the famed superhero. Fans have hoped that Sony & Marvel are making a film that enables Tony McGuire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland to appear as Spider-Man respectively. These are the three-man to dawn the role.


Marvel Studios was provided approval by the Atlanta Public School District after location managers offered APSD $50,000.00 to film at two campuses. Special permission had to be acquired & local governments demanded that crewmembers prove themselves harmful of Covid-19. After hundreds had agreed to PCR Covid Tests & results came back 100% negative, approval was granted with the “Gifted” monetary compensation. Parents across Atlanta have expressed hope that funds awarded to the District will be used towards students.